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Anne Hibbitt:


Email: anne@lfhr.co.za

Tel: 087 802 9255

Cell:072 644 2630


Liz Erasmus:

Recruitment Specialist

Email: liz@lfhr.co.za

Tel: 087 802 9255

Cell: 072 644 2630


Laura Hibbitt:  

 Recruitment Specialist

Email: laura@lfhr.co.za

Tel: 087 802 9255

Cell: 072 644 2630

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Spring is in September! September is the 9th Month of the year!  As a celebration and a thank you to all our valued clients we would like to offer you a “SEPTEMBER SPRING SPECIAL”

A reduced placement fee of 9% on all orders received in September 2019 irrespective of when the candidate starts.  This offer comes with a 30 day guarantee period and is subject to payment being received within 7 days of the candidates starting date.

All other terms and conditions remain the same.

Should you wish to take us up on this special spring offer, please do not hesitate to contact THE LEAPROG TEAM


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